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Malathion 5EC – Drexel

Malathion 5EC – Drexel

Malathion 5EC Insecticide is the perfect solution for controlling a broad range of pests on both Crop and Non-crop applications. This powerful insecticide/miticide contains 5 pounds of Malathion per gallon, making it highly effective at eliminating pests.

This product is versatile and can be used in aerial, ground and certain chemigation applications, providing thorough coverage for every inch of your garden. Additionally, Malathion 5EC Insecticide has been sub-labeled as a mosquitocide, adding an extra layer of protection against mosquitoes.



What sets Malathion 5EC Insecticide apart is its pet-safe formula. As long as the product is used as directed, pet owners can have peace of mind knowing that their furry friends are safe from harm.

This insecticide has been registered for spot treatment applications in residential lawns and gardens, making it the perfect choice for homeowners who want to keep their properties free from pests.

Say goodbye to unwanted pests and welcome a pest-free garden with Malathion 5EC Insecticide. Order now to experience the benefits of this highly effective pest control product.


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