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Timectin 0.15 EC T&O

Timectin 0.15 EC T&O

Introducing: Timectin 0.15 EC T&O – The trusted insecticide-acaricide for your crops and green areas

Product Description:

Timectin 0.15 EC T&O is a broad-spectrum insecticide-acaricide, specially designed for use on lawns and ornamental plants. Thanks to its 0.15% EC concentration, this product provides effective control against a wide variety of insects and mites affecting your crops and green areas.


Main Features:

  • Concentration: 0.15% EC (Emulsifiable Concentrate)
  • Use: Turf & Ornamental (T&O) – lawn and ornamental plants
  • Broad-spectrum action against insects and mites
  • Easy application and fast action

Advantages of Timectin 0.15 EC T&O:

  • Protection for your crops: Effectively combats common pests such as aphids, mites, scale insects, thrips, and other insects
  • Safe for ornamental plants: Specifically designed for use on lawns and ornamental plants without damaging them
  • Easy application: The concentrated emulsion allows for simple and even application
  • Fast action: Starts acting quickly after application, protecting your plants immediately


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