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Talstar Nursery Granular Insecticide

Talstar Nursery Granular Insecticide

Talstar Nursery Granular Insecticide features a light-stable active ingredient, Bifenthrin, and a specially designed sand granule that is easily incorporated into the soil or potting media without altering the soil pH. Talstar Nursery Granular Insecticide offers:

  • Effectiveness even at low doses.
  • Reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Easy application and low odor.



Controlled pests: imported fire ant, fungus gnat larvae, grubs, weevils, mealybugs

Use on: lawns, garden areas – for soil incorporation into potting media used in containerized plantings.

Keep pests at bay in your nursery with Talstar Nursery Granular Insecticide, a reliable and cost-effective solution that is easy to apply and effective even at low doses. Protect your plants from pests and ensure their optimal health and growth.


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