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Poly Feed 19-19-19

Poly Feed 19-19-19

Poly-Feed GG 19-19-19 Fertilizer – Optimal and balanced nutrition for your greenhouse crops!

Main Features:

  • Nutrient content: Nitrogen (19%), Phosphorus (19%), Potassium (19%)
  • Enriched with high concentrations of micronutrients
  • Fully water-soluble
  • Suitable for Fertigation/Nutrigation™ and foliar application
  • Free of chloride, sodium, and other harmful elements



Product description:

Poly-Feed GG 19-19-19 is a rich and balanced fertilizer specially designed for greenhouse crops, both in soil and without soil. Its unique formula makes it suitable for Fertigation/Nutrigation™ with water of variable quality and also for foliar applications.

Advantages of Poly-Feed GG:

-Total solubility in water: easy to apply and quickly absorbed by plants
-High-quality ingredients: ensures optimal and balanced nutrition
-100% Plant Nutrient Composed – Ensures your crops get all the essential nutrients they need
-Free of harmful elements: it does not contain chloride, sodium or other harmful elements for plants, which protects the health of your crops
-Wide range of formulas: available in different formulas to suit the specific needs of your plants

Micronutrient content:

Manganese: 500 ppm

Boron: 200 ppm

Copper: 110 ppm

Iron: 1000 ppm

Molybdenum: 70 ppm

Zinc: 150 ppm


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