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15-6-11 + Micros 10-12 Mo.

15-6-11 + Micros 10-12 Mo.

10-12 month homogenous NPK and minors Polyon fert. POLYON® Controlled-Release Fertilizers, with their trademarked GREEN color, give a professional all the things you want from a fertility program: consistent, predictable feeding that lasts for months with one application.


Main Features:

  • Nutrient content: Nitrogen (15%), Phosphorus (6%), Potassium (11%)
  • Enriched with micronutrients
  • Controlled release for 10-12 months
  • Suitable for various crops
  • Balanced and high-quality formula

Product Description:

The Fertilizer 15-6-11 + Micros 10-12 months offers complete and extended nutrition for your crops, combining macro and micronutrients in a balanced and high-quality formula. The controlled release over 10-12 months ensures a constant supply of nutrients for your plants, promoting vigorous growth and abundant production over time.


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