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Plant Prod 10-52-10 Starter 15 Kg

Plant Prod 10-52-10 Starter 15 Kg

Promote rapid root development with Plant-Prod 10-52-10 Starter Fertilizer. Safe and highly soluble, this fertilizer is perfect for young plants. Recommended for transplanting seedlings or bedding plants, greenhouse crops, and field transplanting of vegetable planting material. Try it today for a strong start for your plants!


Are you looking for a fertilizer that will give your young plants a strong start? Plant-Prod 10-52-10 is the solution you need. This fully soluble starter formulation is designed to supply high levels of phosphorus, the key nutrient for rapid root development.

Unlike many other starters on the market, Plant-Prod 10-52-10 is highly soluble, ensuring that your plants can quickly access the nutrients they need to thrive. Additionally, this fertilizer is safe for your young plants, with a low salt index and no harmful sulphates or chlorides.

When should you use Plant-Prod 10-52-10? Anytime you’re transplanting seedlings or bedding plants, or whenever a high phosphorus fertilizer is required. This fertilizer is also ideal for field transplanting of vegetable planting material or greenhouse crops.

With Plant-Prod 10-52-10, you can rest easy knowing that your young plants are getting the best possible start in life. Say goodbye to weak roots and slow growth – this fertilizer is designed to help your plants flourish.


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