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SIVANTO Prime Insecticide

SIVANTO Prime Insecticide

Introducing Sivanto Prime Insecticide Flupyradifurone – Gallon, the solution to your crop pest problems. This broad-spectrum insecticide precisely targets key damaging pests, ensuring the overall health of your plants and safeguarding your investment in your crops.

What sets Sivanto Prime apart is its ability to help preserve beneficial insects, making it an ideal solution for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. Its flexible application methods and timing also allow for inclusive and flexible crop rotation programs.



One of the greatest benefits of Sivanto Prime is its unique chemistry. It is the first insecticide in the newly created IRAC subgroup 4D, the Butenolides, and has shown excellent control of neonicotinoid-resistant aphids and whiteflies in U.S. field trials.

But that’s not all. Sivanto Prime is readily absorbed into leaf tissue and is considered «rainfast» within 1 hour after spray dries. This means you can spray even when it’s about to rain without worrying about the efficacy of the product.

Sivanto Prime’s precise targeting ensures long-lasting residual activity against damaging sucking pests while keeping beneficial insects safe. With rates ranging from 7.0 to 28.0 oz per acre, you can trust that your crops are getting the right amount of protection they need.

Don’t let pests destroy your crops. Choose Sivanto Prime Insecticide Flupyradifurone – Gallon for precise and reliable pest control. Order now and take the first step towards a healthy and thriving crop.


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