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Badge SC Fungicide/Bactericide

Badge SC Fungicide/Bactericide

Introducing Badge SC Fungicide – a liquid copper-based fungicide that ensures optimal crop protection and delivers excellent results. Badge SC Fungicide is formulated with two copper variants, copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride, for immediate and extended residual plant protection.

Badge SC Fungicide’s fast-acting copper hydroxide immediately releases copper ions, providing prompt plant protection. The copper oxychloride slowly releases copper ions for a lasting effect, ensuring the crop is well-protected from diseases and fungal infections.



What sets Badge SC Fungicide apart is its exceptional wash-off resistance, protecting crops from the effects of rain, which can easily wash away other fungicides.

The liquid copper formulation in Badge SC Fungicide is the best mixing fungicide on the market. It dissolves easily in water and stays in solution, making it easy for growers to apply the fungicide, saving time and increasing efficiency.

At Badge SC Fungicide, they understand that customers want fresh, high-quality produce. Their formulation is designed to leave no blue residue on crops, ensuring the produce looks as good as it tastes.

Choose Badge SC Fungicide for ultimate crop protection and high-quality yields. With its dual forms of copper, excellent wash-off resistance, and easy mixing formulation, it provides the perfect solution for growers looking to maximize their crop yields.

Order Badge SC Fungicide now and watch crops thrive!


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