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Chlorothalonil 720 SFT- Fungicide

Chlorothalonil 720 SFT- Fungicide

Chlorothalonil 720 SFT is a generic broad-spectrum fungicide that is comparable to Daconil because it contains the same active ingredient. It provides excellent disease control for both cool and warm-season grasses, as well as ornamental plants.

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Quali Pro manufactures Chlorothalonil 720 SFT, a broad-spectrum fungicide with a liquid formulation that is easy to use. Its natural adhesion to plants and long-lasting residual make it ideal for eliminating even the most stubborn fungi. The product provides preventative control and multi-site activity, which means that repeat applications do not lead to resistance. Use Chlorothalonil to combat harmful lawn diseases such as leaf spot, dollar spot, Fusarium, Rust, and more.

Tools Required

To apply Chlorothalonil 720 SFT, a professional spray rig is required for large-volume applications. For smaller applications, a hand pump sprayer or backpack sprayer will suffice.



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