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18-6-8 360/Day-Total

18-6-8 360/Day-Total

18-6-8 360 Total is a Florikan Nutricote that is a high quality compound fertilizer. Most of all, this gives precise and controlled release of nutrients. The pliable and resilient coating, which is made of a polyolefin type resin talc and non ionic surfactants, allows the penetration of water and subsequent release of the fertilizer into the soil.

  • High Quality Compound Fertilizer
  • Gives Precise and Controlled release of Nutrients

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Transform any plants with 18-6-8 360 Total – the ultimate high-quality compound fertilizer designed to give plants the nutrients they need to flourish. Its unique Florikan Nutricote formula guarantees precise and controlled release of essential nutrients, ensuring that plants receive the perfect amount of sustenance for optimal growth.

The pliable and resilient coating, made from a polyolefin type resin talc and non-ionic surfactants, allows the fertilizer to penetrate the soil with ease. This means that nutrients are released slowly over time, providing long-lasting nourishment for plants.

Growing healthy and vibrant plants can be a tricky business, but with 18-6-8 360 Total, it’s easy to achieve stunning results. Whether someone is a seasoned gardener or a newcomer to the hobby, this fertilizer provides the perfect balance of nutrients for all types of plants.

So what is one waiting for? Get hands on 18-6-8 360 Total today and watch the plants come to life!


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