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16-5-11 180/DAY 50Lbs FLORIKAN

16-5-11 180/DAY 50Lbs FLORIKAN

Controlled Release Fertilizer is designed to slowly release a formula that is strong on nitrogen and potassium. It is designed for use with almost any plant and features a classic 3:1:2 ratio that is ideal for heavy feeding plants. It can also be used with any kind of plant that needs a boost of these macro nutrients or a quick greenup.


Are you looking for a fertilizer that can provide the perfect balance of macro nutrients to your plants? Look no further than Controlled Release Fertilizer. With its specialized formula, this fertilizer has been crafted to slowly release a potent dose of nitrogen and potassium to your plants, ensuring maximum efficacy.

One of the biggest benefits of using Controlled Release Fertilizer is its classic 3:1:2 ratio. This ratio is perfect for heavy-feeding plants, giving them the precise nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy. Whether you’re growing flowers, fruits or vegetables, this fertilizer is sure to give your plants the boost they need.

But that’s not all! This fertilizer can also be used with any type of plant that requires a boost of these macro nutrients or a quick greenup. If you’re struggling with a plant that won’t grow or simply want to give your garden a quick boost of green, Controlled Release Fertilizer is the perfect solution.

Plus, our fertilizer is designed for controlled release, so you can rest assured that you won’t over-fertilize your plants or cause any damage. It delivers just the right amount of nutrients over time, ensuring that your plants get what they need without any negative side effects.

So why wait? Give your plants the boost they deserve with Controlled Release Fertilizer. Order now and see the difference for yourself!


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