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Large Zen Tapener

Large Zen Tapener

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Widely used: it can be used for different types of plants such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers, etc. Easy to use: first, you can take out the strap and then put the branch in the strap, press down and release the binding machine. Pack your plants effectively. Adjustable width: the opening width can be adjusted at any time depending on the width you need, making your work more comfortable. Non-slip and ergonomic handle, labor-saving, comfortable to carry and transport. Made of manganese steel, durable pressure foot and make your hook straps more stable.


Operating Steps:

  1. Hold the handle and press down firmly until you hear a «da» sound. The tape is hooked with a hook. Release the handle to remove the tape, but be careful not to use excessive force.
  2. The harvested branch should be joined with wire or other materials and tied with the tape, then quickly press down the handle with force.
  3. After cutting the adhesive tape, quickly loosen the handle and allow the small excess tape to come out.
  4. Note: The tape should be parallel to the nail slot.

Maintenance Method:

  1. If the blade of the leaf tying machine cannot cut the belt, use a long flat-nose pliers to remove the used blade and replace it with a new one.
  2. When the hand-tying machine needle is blocked, you can use pliers or a small screwdriver to remove it. (If one section breaks into two sections, you can also use one section at a time to avoid blocking).
  3. Add lubricating oil to each joint after using the hand-tying machine for a long time.

Specifications: Item Type: Garden Tape Tool. Material: Manganese Steel. Color: As shown in the pictures. Approximate Item Size: 13.5 in. Package Weight: Approx. 23.99 oz.

Package Includes: 1 Main Machine. 1 Accessory Bag. 1 Instruction Manual (Spanish language not guaranteed).


  1. The actual color of the item may be slightly different from the images shown on the website due to various factors such as the lighting and brightness of the monitor.


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