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Hexygon IQ Miticide, (Previously DF)

Hexygon IQ Miticide, (Previously DF)

Introducing Hexygon IQ Miticide Ovicide Insecticide, the perfect solution for anyone looking to keep pesky mites at bay. With its proven long-lasting formula, Hexygon IQ provides consistent residual control for up to 60 days under proper conditions, ensuring that plants are protected for an extended period.

Hexygon IQ’s unique mode of action provides effective ovicidal and immature stage control, ensuring that the mite population is kept under control through the interruption of the mite life cycle. When adult female mites are exposed to sprays or foliar deposits of Hexygon IQ, they lay non-viable eggs, preventing further reproduction and reducing the population of these pests.

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This miticide is perfect for use in an Integrated Pest Management program and is compatible with most horticultural pesticides and adjuvants. It can be used on ornamental plants, nonbearing trees, and vines growing in nurseries and greenhouses, as well as established ornamental landscape plantings.

Hexygon IQ’s granular formulation makes it easy to measure, mix, and handle, with low use rates and minimal PPE required. The focus is on the benefits of the product, which allows for healthy and vibrant plants to thrive, even in the presence of mites.

Choose Hexygon IQ Miticide Ovicide Insecticide for long-lasting, effective, and easy-to-use protection against mites. Order now and watch your plants flourish, without the nuisance of mites ruining your hard work.


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